Universities of the British Commonwealth : Congress in Canada

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    A MEETING of representative vice-chancellors and principals of the various countries of the British Common wealth is to be held in Canada next month. At the Congress of Universities of the Commonwealth held an, Oxford in July 1948, it was decided that there should be smaller meetings of executive heads of universities annually in some part of the Common-wealth in order to discuss matters of common policy, including the implementation of the decisions of the Congress on inter-university relationships (interchange of staff, students, etc.). This, the first of such conferences, will take the form of a meeting of the Executive Council of the Association of Universities of the British Common wealth, and will be held at Halifax, Nova Scotia, during June 10–11, followed by the annual meeting of the National Conference of Canadian Universities during June 12–15, at which the overseas representatives will be guests. The conference will conclude with a meeting in Montreal on June 17. The president of McGill University, Dr. F. Cyril James, will preside, and the local arrangements are in the hands of Mr. T. H. Matthews, registrar of McGill University and secretary–treasurer of the National Conference of Canadian Universities.

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