Industrial Research and Management

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A WEEK-END conference of industrial research directors and managers was held at Ashorne Hill, near Leamington Spa, during March 11–14. It was organised by the Industrial Research Committee of the Federation of British Industries, under the chairmanship of Sir Wallace Akers. The proceedings of the conference were divided into five sessions, at each of which two papers were read. Except for the first session, at which spoken contributions to the papers,were made from the body of the hall, the arrangements for discussion were unusual. Immediately after the reading of the papers, the company was divided into six groups which repaired to separate rooms, where each group appointed a chairman to guide about an hour's discussion. Afterwards, the conference re-assembled and the six chairmen reported. Sometimes the groups were given specific questions to try to answer, at others their discussion was unrestricted. In either case, the method appeared to be remarkably successful in promoting full discussion of the papers in the short time available.

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HESSENBERG, W. Industrial Research and Management. Nature 163, 828–830 (1949) doi:10.1038/163828a0

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