British Colonial Geological Surveys

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    PLANNED co-operation in the development of backward areas may well serve modern needs better than unrestricted and often wasteful competition ; and this applies particularly in connexion with the mineral development of vast, virtually unexplored regions. such as are presented by the continent of Africa .The recent proposal to supplement various Colonial Surveys, particularly in Africa, by American geologists, therefore, deserves careful consideration. In commercial work there has at times been considerable collaboration between geologists of all English-speaking countries, as evidenced during the copper development period in Northern Rhodesia, when millions of subscribed capital were spent on exploration by the companies concerned. The results that they obtained were not, however, generally made public ; there is no published map of the special areas which were explored in that large territory.

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    British Colonial Geological Surveys. Nature 163, 817–818 (1949) doi:10.1038/163817a0

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