Conservation and Utilization of World Resources

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    THE provisional programme of the United Nations Scientific Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of Resources to be held at Lake Success during August 17–September 6, 1949, has now been issued to member Governments for comment, and in particular for suggestions for addition or deletion of topics. The primary concern of the Conference is with the particular application of science to the man-agement and use of resources, and the knowledge of numerous related sciences will be brought into full play on single problems so as to facilitate complete and not partial solutions. The plenary meetings will discuss techniques for assessing and classifying resources ; for protecting resources, whether by reducing waste in mineral resources, by control of injurious insects or diseases, or by prevention of soil erosion ; and for increasing production ; as well as techniques of special interest to the less developed countries, the special scientific and technical needs of such countries, and experience in the interrelated application of such techniques, for example, as the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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    Conservation and Utilization of World Resources. Nature 163, 814–815 (1949) doi:10.1038/163814b0

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