Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee

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    THE Minister of Health, the Secretary of State for Scotland, the Minister of Supply, and the Minister of Health and Local Government for Northern Ireland, have apnointed a Radioactive Substances Advisory, Committee to advise on measures to safeguard work-people and the public generally against the danger of exposure to radiation from radioactive substances and certain irradiating apparatus. The Committee consists of Sir Henry Dale (chairman) ; Dr. J. P. Baxter, Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., Research Department, Widnes Laboratory, Lancs ; Mr. W. Binks, National Physical Laboratory ; Sir Ernest Rock Carling ; Mr. D. G. Catcheside, Botany School, Cambridge ; Lord Cherwell,. Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford ; Sir John Cockcroft, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, Berks ; Prof. N. Feather, Department of Natural Philosophy, University of Edinburgh ; Dr. L. H. Gray, M.R.C. Radiotherapeutic Research Unit, Hammersmith Hospital, London, W.12 ; Capt. Mark Hewitson, M.P., National Union of General and Municipal Workers, 5 Endsleigh Gardens, London, W.C.I ; Dr. J. F. Loutit, Radio-biological Research Unit, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell ; Prof. W. V. Mayneord,, Royal Cancer Hospital, London, S.W.3 ; Prof. R. McWhirter, Radiology Department, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh 3 ; Dr. E. R. A. Mereweather, H.M. Senior Inspector of Factories, Ministry of Labour and National Service, London, S.W.I ; Dr. Ralston Paterson, Holt Radium Institute, Wilmslow Road, Withington, Manchester ; Mr. H. S. Souttar ; Sir George Thomson, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, S.W.7 Prof. B. W. Win-deyer, Meyerstein Institute qf Radiotherapy, Middlesex Jfpspital, London, W.I.

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    Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee. Nature 163, 794–795 (1949) doi:10.1038/163794d0

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