Committee On Industrial Productivity

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    THE first report of the committee on Industrial Productivity covers the activities of the Committee from its first meeting on February 4, 1948, up to the end of that year.Besides the directive of the of the Lord President of the Council and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to study the short-term rather than long-term problems, and to consider methods of increasing productivity which do not require large capital expenditure, the Committee has been guided in its choice of problems by a statement from the Economic Planning Board as to the industries most likely to yield valuable results within a short period. These included essential industries under -manned in relation to supplies of material and productive capacity ; industries with a comparatively low productivity compared with pre-war practice or with more considerable variations in efficiency than could be explained by the degree or quality of capital equipment ; industries producing items of key importance, where even the complete manning of present capacity would not provide sufficient supplies to meet the demand ; and industries, or sections of industries, where high costs of production, which could be reduced by increased productivity, were likely to affect export sales.

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    Committee On Industrial Productivity . Nature 163, 789–791 (1949) doi:10.1038/163789a0

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