Society for General Microbiology : Officers for 1949

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    AT the annual general meeting during April 20-21 of the Societv for General Microbiology, the following were elected officers for the coming year : President, Prof. J.W. McLeod ; Honorary Treasurer, Mr. H. J. Bunker ; Honorary Secretaries, Dr. J. G. Davis (General), 35 Villiers Road, Southall, Middlesex ; DK W. E. van Heyningen (Meetings), Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University, Oxford ; Members of Committee, Dr. L. A. Allen, Dr. C. H. Andrewes, Mr. F. C. Bawden, Dr. S. T. Cowan, Prof. A. W. Downie, Mr. L. D. Galloway, Dr. D. W. Henderson, Dr. R. Lovell, Prof. H. B. Maitland, Dr. P. M. Frances Shattock, Prof. Wilson Smith and Dr. D. D. Woods, with Sir Alexander Fleming, representing the International Association of Microbiologists ; Editorial Board, Dr. B. C. J. G. Knight and Dr. A. A. Miles (hon. editors), Dr. G. C. Ainsworth,.Prof. W. B. Brierley, Dr. T. Gibson, Dr. A. T. R. Mattick, Dr. K. JVf. Smith, Dr. A. W. Stableforth and Dr. D. D. Woods (associate editors).

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    Society for General Microbiology : Officers for 1949. Nature 163, 760 (1949) doi:10.1038/163760b0

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