Earthquakes during February 1949

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    SIXTEEN strong earthquakes occurred in the world during February. The strongest and deepest was probably that which occurred on February 2 from a focus some 200 km. deep beneath the Aleutian Islands. This had strength 7½ on the instrumental scale. The next most intense was probably that on February 13 (strength 7) from the Kermedec Islands region. The shock, however, which gave the greatest amplitudes at Durham (500 μ) occurred on February 23, from an epicentre, according to E. Peterschmitt and P. Baltenberger, of Strasbourg, in the Tien-Sehan highlands (latitude 42° N., longitude 84° E.) and had strength 6 3/4. The earthquake on February 5 with epicentre near latitude 40° N., longitude 30° E. in Anatolia was felt at Eskishir, Kütahya, Bozüyük and Bursa, and destroyed property in the epicentral region. European earthquakes occurred on February 3, 17 and 19 in the Karnische Alps (felt in Frioul, Italy), in the Basses Alps (Barcelonnette) and southwest of Winterthur, respectively. The earthquake of February 28 occurred in the region of the Sandwich Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. Movement during the month appears to have been confined to the well-established seismic zones on the earth. Instrumental reports have been received from the central stations of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey (in co-operation with Science Service and the Jesuit Seismological Association), Strasbourg and Zurich, and from individual stations at De Bilt (Netherlands), Durham, Stuttgart, Toledo and Uccle (Belgium).

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