Research in Travancore during 1939–46

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    THE University of Travancore Department of Research Report for the Septennium 1939–1946 (pp. ix+594 : Trivandrum, 1948) is an admirable illustrated record as non-technical as possible, of the activities of the Department during the period. It is interested also as a basis of review on which future developments may be planned. The first part briefly reviews the history and organisation of the Department since its institution in 1937. The second part describes the organisation and activities of the Central Research Institute and of its several divisions of applied biology, applied chemistry, marine biology and fisheries, preventive medicine and statistics, and the observatory. The third part deals with the work of the University College, the Institute of Textile Technology and the College of Engineering, while among the appendixes is a list of research publications of the Department for 1939–46. Most of the research in this report deals with the application of science towards the study and utilization of the local crops, industries and resources of Travancore, and the work of the Department covers a very wide field.

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