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    THE Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, has approved of the establishment of a division of oceanography and meteorology and a division of petroleum technology in Houston, Texas. The division of oceanography and meteorology will be of particular scientific importance, since oceano-graphic data on the Gulf of Mexico are particularly scanty. The research in this field will commence with a survey of currents, the shifting topography of the shelf area, and marine life in the Corpus Christi area, and the work will then be extended eastwards. The schooner Harpoon has already been earmarked for research in the Gulf. The oceanographic work will be in two phases : first, the project of the Institute, which will be freely published ; and second, the fulfilment of private contracts, which will be paid for by the firms concerned on a cost basis. The establishment of the division of petroleum technology in Houston is the result of the widespread activity with regard to petroleum in that area and the fact that the local industries have immediate problems which can well be undertaken by the Southwest Research Institute. The Institute itself is a nonj-profit, endowed research organisation.

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    Southwest Research Institute, Texas. Nature 163, 717 (1949) doi:10.1038/163717a0

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