Mekran (Baluchistan) Earthquake of November 28, 1945

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    C. G. PENDSH has discussed all available data for the earthquake at Mekran in Baluchistan on November 28, 1945 (Ind. Met. Dept., Sci. Not., 10, No. 125 ; 1948) The epicentre was in the sea off the Mekran coast, and strength 10 on the Rossi- Forel scale was attained in the epicentral area. The instrumental magnitude was about 6·7, and the energy was of the order of 1021 ergs. The earthquake was attended by a seismic sea-wave which affected the whole of the Arabian seaboard. At Karwar, about 1,000 miles from the epicentre, the wave flooded the creeks and inlets, and boats anchored in the harbour were cut off from their moorings. There was serious loss of life and property at Pasni, the height of the second wave there being estimated at between 40 and 50 ft. At Karachi four distinct waves were distinguishable, and at Bombay a seismic sea-wave 6½ ft. high was experienced. It has been reported that two rocky oval islets, about three miles apart, appeared about the same time as the earthquake, some 180 miles west -south -west of Karachi. One islet rose about 30 ft. above the water and the other about 100 ft., the former having an area of about 1½ square miles and the latter about a square mile. Earthquakes have occurred in the past in the area off the Mekran coast on February 4, 1938, and January 7, 1940. Earthquakes on land near the point occurred on September 2, 1938, October 29, 1941, July 3, 1942, July 4, 1942, and February 6, 1943. Very strong earthquakes have occurred in the past at Chaman (Baluchistan) on December 20, 1892 ; at Kachhi (Baluchistan) on October 21, 1909 ; at Mach (Baluchistan) on August 27, 1931 ; as well as at Cutch on June 16, 1819, and af Quetta on May 31, 1935.

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