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PRESENT-DAY educationists, if they had had the opportunity, would have studied with interest, and acclaimed many points in, the pedagogical approach and the school organisation of Mr. Knight ; for in many ways kf was unique. For example, he would never allow 'holiday tasks', 'lines' or being kept in school after hours as a means of punishment. Both monitors (as they were then called) and staff could punish by a system of exclusions-exclusion for a definite period (which varied with the crime) from the gymnasium, the museum, the reading room, the fives courts, and even from the class-room (out of school hours). So boys never ran the risk of their literary appreciation being undermined through having to write under duress interminable quotations from authors ; they always enjoyed complete freedom during their holidays : but the 'exclusions' proved to be so inconvenient that any sensible culprit thought twice before repeating his offence.

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BRIMBLE, L. Obituaries. Nature 163, 713–714 (1949) doi:10.1038/163713b0

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