Photodisintegration of the Deuteron

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THE photodisintegration of the deuteron into a proton and a neutron is a case of the two-body problem in nuclear physics; the effect was first discovered by Chadwick and Goldhaber1. Accurate measurement of the cross-section for this effect can give information about nuclear forces which is of interest in view of the several theories which have been put forward recently2–5. These theories predict values between 13 and 17 × 10−28 cm.2. The cross-section has been measured three times before1,3,6; but since these values are all considerably below those predicted by theory, and in view of the significance of this constant, it was thought worth while to make use of improvements in technique that have been made in the meantime.

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WILSON, R., COLLIE, C. & HALBAN, H. Photodisintegration of the Deuteron. Nature 162, 185–186 (1948) doi:10.1038/162185a0

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