International Congress on Analytical Chemistry

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    AN International Congress on Analytical Chemistry, organised under the auspices of the Netherlands Chemical Society, was held at Utrecht during June 1– 3. The president of the Congress was Prof. C. J. van Nieuwenburg, of Delft Technical University, and the general secretary, Dr. H. A. J. Pieters, of the Central Laboratory of the Netherlands State Mines. The Congress was divided into five sections dealing with : (I) general methods and standardization, (II) electrical methods, (III) emission spectrography, (IV) optical measurements and physical methods of separation, (V) microbiological methods and detection of traces. The proceedings consisted of thirteen formal lectures and the reading of forty-five original papers. Full-length pre-prints of the papers had been distributed before the Congress, so that after a short summary by each author most of the time was available for discussion. The proceedings were conducted in English, with French as the second language. The lectures and papers contributed to Sections I, II, IV, and V will be published in a special number of Analytica Chimica Acta, and those to Section III in Spectro-chimica Acta.

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    International Congress on Analytical Chemistry. Nature 162, 156–157 (1948) doi:10.1038/162156a0

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