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    British Agricultural Bulletin is a new, illustrated quarterly journal published by the British Council. It is intended for overseas circulation, particularly with a view to the needs of agricultural administrators, university and agricultural college teachers, research workers and large-scale farmers, none of whom have time to digest the vast specialist literature of to-day. In the words of Prof. J. A. Scott Watson‘s editorial note, its aim is "to put British knowledge and experience at the disposal of the farmers and citizens of other countries" and thus to help them in their efforts to increase the World‘s food supply. The articles in the first number (Spring 1948) cover a wide field and are written by specialists on the subject in each case. General principles of animal improvement, war-time farming in Cheshire, the resting break in farming systems and new ideas in grain storage are discussed in some detail, while of more general interest is the account given of the aims and organisation of the National Agricultural Advisory Service set up in Britain in 1946. Reviews and advertisements of books form a prominent feature, and a special article in this number is devoted to modern English books on agriculture. In future issues, it is hoped to give some account of such new technical developments or scientific discoveries as seem ready for application to farm practice, and to discuss matters of agricultural finance, economics and education in terms intelligible to the layman. The price for four numbers will be 15s. (including postage), payable to the British Council, 3 Hanover Street, London, W.I.

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