Zoology at Belfast : Prof. T. T. Flynn, M.B.E

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    PBOF. T. T. FLYNN is to retire at the end of the present session from the chair of zoology at the Queen‘s University, Belfast, which he has held since 1931. Born in Australia in 1883 and trained at Sydney under W. A. Haswell and J. P. Hill, he developed a natural interest in the anatomy and embryology and reproductive phenomena in marsupials. He maintained this interest throughout his university career, making valuable additions to knowledge in this subject. So recently as 1941, in collaboration with J. P. Hill, fundamental agreement in the mode of formation of the primary germ layers in monotremes and marsupials was demonstrated, while in 1947 strong support was given for the view of a similar mode of formation in birds and an incentive predicated for the re-examination of germ-layer formation in reptiles in the light of the work portrayed. Along with his interest in marsupials and their nearer allies, Flynn contributed work on the Pycnogonida of South Africa, describing ten new species; on corals of the Barrier Reef ; on the invertebrate fauna of Tasmania ; on rare and fossil Cetacea ; and he demonstrated his interest in marine biology as leader of the Australian Antarctic Summer Expedition 1912, and as sole Royal Commissioner for the Tasmanian Fisheries in 1915. In his retirement to Jamaica he hopes to utilize this latter experience in taking a serious interest in the marine biology and fisheries of the Caribbean area, as well as in meeting the demands of the British Museum for local biological material.

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