Crystal Structure of B-Starch from X-Ray Fibre Diagrams

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IN recent papers1, Kreger has published fibre data from the B(tuber)-modification of starch. Though his technique is new and interesting, Kreger‘s results mainly confirm data which were published some years ago2. Apparently the earlier fibre diagrams were more highly orientated than Kreger‘s, since the fibre spacing (10·6 ± 0·1 kX.) could be obtained unambiguously from these diagrams. More recently, both B and A (cereal-type) fibres have been prepared by new techniques with truly extraordinary orientations3. The fibre spacing of the A-modification (10·5 kX.) is substantially equal to that of the B-modification, a result not unexpected, since Bear and, French established a very close relationship between these modifications of starch4.

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