Mathematical Tables for Science and Industry

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    THE lack of the relevant mathematical tables for investigations in the physical, chemical and engineering sciences, in mathematics and in industry may well delay progress, and steps are being taken to meet the difficulty. Much work in this field has been done, and tables of a fundamental nature have been produced by the British Association through its Mathematical Tables Committee. These activities have now been transferred to the Royal Society on the invitation of the British Association, and a special Royal Society Mathematical Tables Committee has been established to continue and extend the earlier work. The Committee would be glad to receive suggestions from industrial research groups, from individual investigators and from Service departments relating to existing needs in their special fields. Requests for assistance may be met either by advice as to the most economical way of producing the desired tables, or by an undertaking to produce the tables under the auspices of the Royal Society, or, in exceptional cases, by a grant towards the cost of tabulation or to make possible the publication of important tables which may exist only in manuscript. In the first instance inquiries should be addressed to the Assistant Secretary, Royal Society, Burlington House, London, W.I.

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    Mathematical Tables for Science and Industry. Nature 162, 98 (1948) doi:10.1038/162098e0

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