Exchange of War-time Periodicals with Germany

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    EFFORTS are still being made by the Foreign Office to make possible the exchange in bulk of periodicals issued during the Second World War by British learned societies, universities, and other institutions with those published by similar bodies in Germany. These efforts are more likely to be effective if information concerning the numbers of publications involved can be supplied. Interested librarians are accordingly asked to notify either the Director of the Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux, 52 Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.I, or the Secretary of the Library Association, if they have not already done so : (a) of the total number of volumes or parts of periodicals issued during the War and held by them for exchange with German institutions, and (b) of the numbers which they should receive in return, indicating clearly whether it is known that these German publications are available for exchange purposes. The returns should be headed : "German exchange". It should be understood that the information asked for relates only to the war-time accumulation of periodicals for exchange. Future exchanges must be arranged by institutions in the two countries prvately.

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    Exchange of War-time Periodicals with Germany. Nature 162, 96 (1948) doi:10.1038/162096d0

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