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    THE Director-General of Unesco, Dr. Julian Huxley, during his four-day visit to Hungary as guest of the Hungarian Government, spent June 13 at the Biological Research Institute at Tihany, Lake Balaton (see Nature, 158, 456 ; 1946). Dr. Huxley was interested in the success of the efforts, made immediately after the cessation of fighting and during the inflation, which have resulted in a Research Institute capable of publishing, each year since 1945, the Archiva Biologica Hungarica, containing some thirty-five papers in congress languages (mostly in English). He approved the idea which had here been followed of assembling in one Institute the greatest possible variety of biological disciplines, and showed himself keenly aware of the many advantages of such a system, especially in small countries. Dr. Huxley was interested to hear that several research workers were to go to the Institute for a period. Two places are reserved for invited Russian biologists ; two English men of science are going for the summer and autumn and two Finnish biologists are also expected.

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    Biological Research Institute, Tihany. Nature 162, 96 (1948) doi:10.1038/162096c0

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