Chemical Research Laboratory, Teddington

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    THE Chemical Research Laboratory of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research has again held a very successful series of ‘open days’. On June 29 the Laboratory was visited by the Lord President of the Council, Mr. Herbert Morrison, who was received by Sir Edward Appleton, secretary of the Department, Dr. R. P. Linstead, director of the Laboratory, and Sir Norman HaWorth, chairman of the Chemistry Research Board. During the remainder of the week there were nearly a thousand visitors, including chemists from industry, university laboratories, technical colleges, research and trade associations and Government establishments. These visits serve to keep the chemical community aware of the work of the Laboratory, and enable problems of common interest to be discussed. They supplement the published reports of the Laboratory and its Advisory Board. It may be noted that the reports for the years 1938–46 have recently appeared*.

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    Chemical Research Laboratory, Teddington. Nature 162, 90–92 (1948) doi:10.1038/162090a0

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