Science and Industrial Practice in the Iron and Steel Industry

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    THE British Iron and Steel Research Association is arranging two conferences to be held next autumn at Ashorne Hill, nr. Leamington. The first, in which the Institute of Physics is also interested, will be held on September 8 and 9, and is to discuss nondestructive testing of castings. Three sessions will be arranged to discuss papers on X- and gamma-ray methods and on X-ray equipment, radioactive materials and radiography abroad ; magnetic and ultrasonic methods ; recent work by the Non-Destructive Testing Sub-Committee of the Association on the comparison of X-ray, gamma-ray and ultrasonic methods, and a paper on acceptance standards. It is intended that the papers shall deal essentially with the practical aspects of the subject and be of interest to executives not conversant with the methods, but who might be considering their use. The second conference is planned for October 21 and 22, and is to discuss foundry core bonding agents. The object is to bring to the notice of founders the wealth of information that has been obtained in recent years on the new materials that may be used for the bonding of foundry cores. The use of such materials, in many cases with an appreciable reduction in cost, would enable the linseed oil used hitherto to be diverted to alleviate the shortage of edible fats. There will again be three sessions : natural resources of the materials, recent work by the Association on the practical and fundamental aspects of bonding, and the properties of new materials such as plastics and petroleum products ; experience of founders with such materials ; and the impact of these materials on matters such as core-blowing, and dielectric and infra-red heating.

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    Science and Industrial Practice in the Iron and Steel Industry. Nature 162, 59 (1948) doi:10.1038/162059e0

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