Conference on Noise and Sound Transmission

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    THE Acoustics Group of the Physical Society, in association with the Royal Institute of British Architects, is holding a three-day International Conference on Noise and Sound Transmission during July 14-16. This is the first major international discussion of the subject for many years, and papers will be read by European and American investigators in addition to the contributions from Great Britain. Among those reading papers are L. L. Beranek (United States) ; T. Vogel, R. Lehmann, P. Chavasse, F. Canac (France) ; W. Fiirrer (Switzerland) ; W. K. Westmijze, C. W. Kosten, J. van den Eijk (Holland) ; F. Ingerslev, V. L. Jordan, P. V. Bruel (Denmark) ; E. Meyer, A. Schoch, L. Cremer (Germany) ; N. Fleming, R. S. Dadson, H. L. Kirke, W. A. Allen and A. J. King (Great Britain). The papers will cover the subjects of sound insulation in buildings, aircraft and ships; impact sound ; resilient suspension systems ; proposals for standardization of measurement, and the measurement of noise. Those who desire to have copies of summaries of papers in advance of the meetings should send requests to the Joint Honorary Secretaries of the Acoustics Group at 1 Lowther Gardens, Prince Consort Road, London, S.W.7.

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