Mathematical Statistics at the University of Sao Paulo : Mr. W. L. Stevens

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    MR. W. L. STEVENS has been appointed professor of mathematical statistics in the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mr. Stevens worked under Prof. R. A. Fisher, at the Galton Laboratory, University College, London, during 1935-41. He then joined the staff of the Statistical Department, Rothamsted Experimental Station, for a few months on urgent war work prior to leaving for Portugal to take up a lectureship in statistics at Coimbra at the request of the British Council and the Foreign Office. In 1944 he returned to Britain and took a post as statistician with Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., Billingham. In 1947 he joined the staff of the Admiralty Statistical Department under Mr. H. L. Seal. He has been chiefly concerned with the development of statistical methods in the fields of biological and agricultural experimentation, and has also made contributions to the methods applicable to quality control of industrial products.

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    Mathematical Statistics at the University of Sao Paulo : Mr. W. L. Stevens. Nature 162, 56 (1948) doi:10.1038/162056c0

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