Anatomy at the University of Glasgow : Prof. G. M‘C Wyburn

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    GEORGE M‘CREATH WYBURN has been appointed regius professor of anatomy in the University of Glasgow in succession to Prof. W. J. Hamilton, who has been appointed to the chair of anatomy at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, London. Dr. Wyburn is a pupil of the late T. H. Bryce, and graduated at Glasgow in 1925 : after holding appointments in various hospitals, he returned to Glasgow as demonstrator in 1929. He became senior lecturer in anatomy in 1936, and was acting head of the Department during 1944-45. His researches include work on embryology, with special reference to bone formation, on the endocrinological aspects of reproduction, and on tissue-grafting (of skin, cartilage and cornea in particular). He was awarded the Struthers Gold Medal and Prize in 1939 for embryological research, and again in 1947 (with Dr. Paul Bacsich) for work done during the War on the repair of peripheral nerve injuries.

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    Anatomy at the University of Glasgow : Prof. G. M‘C Wyburn. Nature 162, 56 (1948) doi:10.1038/162056a0

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