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    THE Natural Science Society of China has recently inaugurated a new bulletin, Science and Technology in China, of which two numbers of the first volume have already appeared. It is very well printed and produced and contains many interesting articles. In the April issue, Dr. Mao I-Sheng writes on the present position and outlook of reaearch in the engineering sciences in China ; Dr. Li Ching-Yuan on current mineral exploration in China ; and Dr. Jen Mei-O on the progress of land utilization surveys in the southwest part of the country. The work of the Scientific Office of the British Council in China is reviewed at some length, and the reat of the bulletin consists of research reports similar to the correspondence colunms of Nature, together with abstracts of papers read at the February 1948 meeting of the Chinese Chemical Society at Nanking. While China haa had for many yeara ita chief scientiflc journal analogous to Nature, namely, Ko-Hsueh, thia has always been and will continue to be published in the Chinese language. There has therefore beon room for a periodicai, perhaps of a smaller character but in the English language, and the new venture deserves every success. The chief editor is Dr. Wu flisuehChou (director of the Chemical Institute of Academia Sinica), and inquiries and subscriptions should be addressed to him at that Institute, 320 Yoyang Road, Shanghai. Foreign subacribers may also communicate with Mr. 5. 11. Doo, 7137 Peunaylvania Avenue, Pittaburgh 8, Pa., U.S.A. The aunual subscription is 2.00 American dollars per annum, or its equivalent.

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