Dr. A. E. Jones


    Dr. ARTHUR EMRY5 JONES, lecturer in mathematics at the Imporial College of Science and Technology, London, was killed in a lift accident on May 7 at the age of twenty-seven. A scholar of St. John‘s College, Cambridge, ho secured a first class in Part II of the Mathematical Tripos in 1939, and honours in Part III in the following year. During the War he worked in the Ballistics Section of the Armaments Research Department, and was associated with J. R. Womersley in his pioneer work on the application of statistical mothods to the control of variability in gun-cordito. In 1945-46 ho worked at Rothamstod Experimental Station on the design of grazing experiments, and thereafter entered the Statistics Section of the Mathematical Department at Imperial College.

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    Dr. A. E. Jones. Nature 162, 15–16 (1948) doi:10.1038/162015b0

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