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FAO/WHO Scientific Update on carbohydrates in human nutrition: conclusions

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Authors and Affiliations


Corresponding author

Correspondence to J Mann.

Additional information

Conflict of interest

During the preparation and peer-review of this paper in 2006, the authors and peer-reviewers declared the following interests.


Professor John Cummings: Chairman, Biotherapeutics Committee, Danone; Member, Working Group on Foods with Health Benefits, Danone; funding for research work at the University of Dundee, ORAFTI (2004).

Dr Hans Englyst: Director and share-holder of Englyst Carbohydrates Ltd—a small research-oriented company working on dietary carbohydrates and health within the Medical Research Council. The UK Food Standards Agency is the main research partner and sponsor. In addition, Englyst Carbohydrates provide analytical assistance and reagents to universities and food industry worldwide, albeit on a small scale. The complete independence of Englyst Carbohydrates is maintained by not entering into any consultancy agreement.

Professor Timothy J Key: None declared.

Professor Simin Liu: None declared.

Professor Jim Mann: None declared.

Dr Gabriele Riccardi: None declared.

Professor Carolyn Summerbell: None declared.

Professor Ricardo Uauy: Scientific Adviser on a temporary basis for Unilever and Wyeth; Scientific Editorial/Award; Adviser for Danone, DSM, Kelloggs, and Knowles and Bolton on a ad hoc basis.

Dr Rob M van Dam: None declared.

Dr Bernard Venn: None declared.

Dr HH Vorster: Member and Director of the Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary health Research (AUTHeR), Research grant from the South African Sugar Association.

Dr Martin Wiseman: None declared.

FAO/WHO Secretariat members

Dr Denise Costa Coitinho: None declared.

Mr Frank Martinez Nocito: None declared.

Dr Chizuru Nishida: None declared.

Dr Kraisid Tontisirin: None declared.

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Mann, J., Cummings, J., Englyst, H. et al. FAO/WHO Scientific Update on carbohydrates in human nutrition: conclusions. Eur J Clin Nutr 61 (Suppl 1), S132–S137 (2007).

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