Table 3 IAUC (mmol·min/l) for homemade bread and commercial white bread with different storage and preparation conditions

From: The impact of freezing and toasting on the glycaemic response of white bread

Test food Homemade bread Commercial bread
  (mean±s.d.) (mean±s.d.)
Glucose 291±100a 291±100a
Fresh 259±103a 253±106a,b
Frozen, defrosted 179±74b 217±99b,c
Fresh, toasted 193±79b 183±96d
Frozen, defrosted, toasted 157±85c 187±95c,d
  1. Abbreviation: IAUC, incremental area under the glucose response curve; s.d., standard deviation.
  2. Values in the same column with different letters are significantly different, P<0.05.