Table 4: Influence of long-term pre- and/or probiotic administration on faecal β-glucuronidase and β-glucosidase enzyme activity (mg product formed/g faeces/h), total O and FDW in groups 4 and 5

From: Effect of dietary intervention with different pre- and probiotics on intestinal bacterial enzyme activities

 EnzymeBaseline   Treatmenta
   Period 1Washout 1Period 2Washout 2Period 3Washout 3Period 4
Group 4β-Glucuronidase0.80±0.310.63±0.300.75±0.250.51±0.30b0.75±0.320.75±0.38  
 FDW (%)26.19±1.6825.00±4.7324.07±4.9624.76±3.3025.60±3.9024.62±4.14  
 FO (g/72 h)275±99222±92317±127313±151294±145240±112  
Group 5β-Glucuronidase1.03±0.280.82±0.250.90±0.150.45±0.26d0.77±0.220.88±0.310.84±0.150.77±0.49
 FDW (%)29.07±7.4327.90±5.1326.88±6.6025.98±5.5526.11±5.1525.84±8.4326.51±4.3126.03±5.46
 FO (g/72 h)213±114205±60195±56197±90237±174222±115201±124251±186
  1. Abbreviations: FDW, faecal dry weight; FO, faecal output; s.d., standard deviation.
  2. Mean±s.d., Wilcoxon test, α=0.05.
  3. aGroup 4: period 1: probiotic B. breve; period 2: prebiotic OF-IN; period 3: placebo. Group 5: period 1: probiotic L. casei Shirota; period 2: prebiotic OF-IN; period 3: placebo; period 4: synbiotic OF-IN+L. casei Shirota.
  4. bSignificantly different from washout 1; P=0.018.
  5. cSignificantly different from baseline; P=0.015.
  6. dSignificantly different from washout 1; P=0.011.