Table 2: Subjects characteristics

From: Effect of dietary intervention with different pre- and probiotics on intestinal bacterial enzyme activities

 Group 1 (n=5 M, 5 F)Group 2 (n=7 M, 3 F)Group 3 (n=7 M, 4 F)Group 4 (n=6 M, 4 F)Group 5 (n=4 M, 5 F)
Age (years)23±122±123±121±121±1
Weight (kg)65±865±668±1165±1069±9
Length (m)1.76±0.071.75±0.091.73±0.091.76±0.081.77±0.05
BMI (kg/m2)21±221±123±121±322±2
  1. Abbreviations: BMI, body mass index; F, female; M, male; s.d., standard deviation.
  2. Means±s.d.; Kruskal–Wallis test, α=0.05.