Table 2: Lung function tests data of patients from the MG or placebo control group during the study period: mean, s.d. and P-values of the within- (Profile test) and between- (Tukey's test) group comparisons

From: Oral magnesium supplementation in asthmatic children: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial

Variables (%)Magnesium group (n= 18)Placebo-control group (n= 19)P-value BG
 BeforeAfterP-value WGBeforeAfterP-value WG 
FEF 25–7537.5±12.754.1±18.50.00438.9±11.946.3±14.70.0360.4076
FEV1/ FVC74.8±8.782.5±9.10.00177.4±10.080.3±9.10.1430.9266
  1. Abbreviations: FEV1, the forced expiratory volume at first second; FEF25–75%, the forced expiratory flow at 25–75%; FVC, forced vital capacity; MG, magnesium group.
  2. aLog transformed (Log10).
  3. WG=within-group comparison (effect of time) – Profile test.
  4. BG=between-group comparison (effect of group) – Tukey's test.
  5. Bold values indicate P<0.05.