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The effect of vegetable oil-based cheese on serum total and lipoprotein lipids


Objective: To investigate the effect of rapeseed oil-based cheese (milk-fat substituted by rapeseed oil) on serum total and lipoprotein lipid concentrations and blood pressure in reference to ordinary, milk-fat-based cheese in subjects with mildly to moderately elevated serum cholesterol concentration.

Design: Randomized, controlled, single-blind, cross-over clinical trial.

Settings: Outpatient dietary intervention with free-living subjects in Eastern Finland.

Interventions: The study began with a 2 week pre-trial period followed by two 4 week intervention periods. During the intervention study subjects replaced their ordinary cheese or cold cuts with 65 g of rapeseed oil-based or milk-fat-based control cheese. The type of test cheese was switched at 4 weeks of intervention. Altogether 31 subjects completed the study.

Results: Compared with the control cheese period the mean serum total cholesterol concentration was 6.7% (95% Cl −9.9 to −3.5%) lower after 2 weeks and 5.0% (95% Cl −7.5 to −2.5%) lower after 4 weeks of use of rapeseed oil-based cheese. Respectively, LDL cholesterol concentration was 7.0% (95% Cl −11.7 to −2.6%) lower after 2 weeks use and 6.4% (95% Cl −10.0 to −2.8%) lower after 4 weeks' use of rapeseed oil-based cheese.

Conclusions: The present study showed that the rapeseed oil-based cheese reduces serum total and LDL cholesterol concentrations in mildly to moderately hypercholesterolemic subjects when replacing ordinary milk-fat-based cheese in the diet.

Sponsorship: Mildola Ltd, Tuusula, Finland and Kyrönmaan Juustomestarit Ltd, lsokyrö, Finland.

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The authors wish to thank medical laboratory technologist Jouni Hodju for excellent laboratory work.

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