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“Specpure” and “H.S.” Elements and Chemicals

Nature volume 159, page 600 (03 May 1947) | Download Citation



CERTAIN metals and chemicals of the very highest purity for spectrographic work were first supplied on a small scale by Messrs. Adam Hilger, Ltd., in 1923, and their “H.S.” and “Specpure” chemicals are now well known. With increased demand for more substances and greater quantities, it has been found desirable to transfer the preparation of these carefully standardized substances to Messrs. Johnson, Mat they and Co. The range of available chemicals, to be marketed as “H.S.”, “Specpure” or “Matthey” standards, has been considerably extended ; some sixty-eight elements are listed, either as metals, oxides or salts, in Johnson and Matthey's latest catalogue. They are all of the highest possible purity, and their manufacture is controlled spectrographically.

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