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Research on Multiple Sclerosis

Nature volume 158, page 742 (23 November 1946) | Download Citation



THE Association for Advancement of Research on Multiple Sclerosis, the address of which is New York Academy of Medicine Building, Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street/New York 29, N.Y., has been formed by a group multiple sclerosis patients, with their many fronds and relatives, in co-operation with some of the leading neurologists of North America. Its are: (1) co-ordination of research efforts on muffxiple sclerosis; (2) collection of statistics on its prevalence and geographical distribution; (3) to act as a clearing house for information on this disease; (4) education of the public on the problem of multiple sclerosis; (5) collection of funds to stimulate and support research on multiple sclerosis and allied diseases. For the present, the Association proposes to conduct a membership drive for the enrolment of multiple sclerosis patients as well as the public, in an endeavour to obtain more definite statistical data on the prevalence of the disease. Dr. Tracy Jackson Putnam, director of Services of Neurology and Neurological Surgery, Neurological Institute of New York, is the honorary chairman of the Association.

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