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Bibliography of Seismology

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This valuable bibliography is being continued by Dr. Ernest A. Hodgson; Pub. Dominion Observ., Ottawa, 13,. 16, 17 and 18, comprise items 5788-604 The bibliography is concerned with publicaftVns in pure and applied seismology and subjects having a direct bearing on seismologial problems. It is pleasing to see notes of Russian work, much of which was done during the War, One such is by E. E. Petrenko, “A Net of Co-ordinates for Determining the Epicentre of an Earthquake” (Akademiia Nauk, U.S.S.R., Trudy Seismolog. Inst., No. 106, 12–16, Moscow, 1941). This is in Russian, but it has been translated by W. Ayvazoglow and V. Skitsky for Geophysical Abstracts. Greek work is largely centred on the collected papers of Prof. N. A. Critikos, published by his colleagues on the occasion of the thirty-fifth anniversary of his scientific work (Item 5901). An especially important piece of American work is listed as Item 5956, by D. S. Carder, “Seismic Investigations in the Boulder Dam Area 1940–41, and the Influence of Reservoir Loading on Local Earthquake Activity” (Bull Seis. Soc. Amer., 35, No. 4, 175–192, Oct. 1945). This work has been particularly successful in locating epicentres of small shocks and associating them with fault planes. It may easily have far-reaching results on reservoir engineering. Considerable useful work has been done in New Zealand; for example, Item 5980, by W. M. Jones, refers to three papers, including “Determination of Epicentres in the South Pacific from Differences in the Arrival Times of Sci” (N.Z. J. Sci. and Tech., 26, No. 6B, 366–369). This paper shows that there is less ambiguity in epicentral determination using SgS pulses than when using P pulses in certain cases owing to less variation caused by the depth of focus. British work is mentioned, including Item 5862, Prof. H.-H. Plaskett's tribute to the seismological work of Miss E. F. Bellamy; Item 5880, Sir George Simpson's tribute to the work of the late Dr. F. J. W. Whipple; and Item 5930, by Dr. R. Stoneley, “Earthquakes” (Observ., 66, No. 824). There is also a list of references published in Nature.

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