THE news has recently been released of a major advance in the development of equipment for extensive numerical calculations, in the successful completion of a large calculating machine based on the use of electronic counting circuits. This machine, known as the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Automatic Calculator) is the invention of Dr. J. W. Mauchly and Mr. J. P. Eckert, of the Moore School of Electrical Engineering of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, where it was designed and constructed. Its development was sponsored by the Ordnance Department of the U.S. Army, through the interest of Col. P. N. Gillon and Capt.?.?. Gold-stine. It was designed primarily for the step-by-step integration of the equations of external ballistics, but it includes a flexible control so that it can be applied to many other kinds of calculations within its capacity.

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HARTREE, D. THE ENIAC, AN ELECTRONIC CALCULATING MACHINE. Nature 157, 527 (1946) doi:10.1038/157527a0

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