THE National Academy of Peiping was founded by the National Government of China on September 9, 1929, with Dr. Li Yu-Ying as president and Dr. Li Shu-Hua as vice-president. It consisted originally of nine separate departments, the Institutes of Physics, Radium, Chemistry, Materia Medica, Physiology, Zoology, Botany, Geology, and Historical Studies and Archaeology. The new Academy flourished and in a few years had made Valuable contributions to many different fields of research. By 1935-36, however, the political situation in the northern provinces of China made necessary the evacuation of several institutes to safer areas. On the outbreak of war nv 1937, Peiping was immediately taken over by the Japanese, and the Academy was forced to abandon all its remaining activities there. Despite the confusion, some books and equipment were moved southward and eventually, despite immense practical difficulties, the Academy was able to resume much of its work at Kunming. During the War, the policy of the Academy has been to devote its attention largely, but not exclusively, to the immediate neede of the nation.

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    NATIONAL ACADEMY OF PEIPING AND ITS WAR-TIME ACTIVITIES. Nature 157, 524 (1946) doi:10.1038/157524a0

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