Analysis of High-Purity Zinc and Zinc Alloys


    PHYSICAL methods of analysis, such as by the use of the polarograph or the spectrograph, are particularly suited to the determination of minute quantities of impurities in zinc and its alloys. A panel was appointed in 1941 by the Non-ferrous Industry Committee of the British Standards Institution to consider recommended methods for the polarographic and spectrographic analysis of high purity zinc and zinc alloys for die casting. The panel found in its review of earlier work that, though the spectrograph was used in certain laboratories, neither the details nor the precision of the technique was sufficiently defined to justify the immediate recommendation of a spectrographic method ; the use of the polarograph was observed to be even less developed. The panel therefore planned, and had carried out by a number of interested organisations, a considerable amount of experimental work. An account of these investigations has been published under the title “Polarographic and Spectrographic Analysis of High Purity Zinc and Zinc Alloys for Die Casting” (H.M. Stationery Office, 1945). Based on this work, recommended methods have been prepared in order to enable comparative information to be collected. The recommendations of the panel, “Recommended Methods for Polarographic and Spectrographic Analysis of High Purity Zinc and Zinc Alloys for Die Casting” (British Standard 1225 ; 1945. Pp. 36. 2s. net), are intended to be a guide and not a rigorously binding specification. The methods are effective, but, as the fields of analytical chemistry in which they lie are rapidly expanding, the Committee does not wish to impede development by strict rules. It is intended, therefore, to review the position at an early date in the light of further experience obtained by the use of these methods.

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