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    Biologia Generalis was founded in 1925 and published in Vienna and New York. Its aim was to provide a place for the publication of papers on general biology in the wide sense, rather than those that fall strictly within the field of either botany or zoology. It included border-line topics like aspects of physical or bio-chemistry that have application to biology or medicine, viruses, genetics, general cytology, the history and philosophy of biology and various other subjects. Messrs. Springer, of Vienna, are now resuming publication of the journal under the editorship of Prof. Ludwig von Bertalanffy. The editor points out that the War very profoundly affected the exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas, and that the biologists of Central Europe in particular have been practically isolated while it lasted. Biologia Generalis is the first biological journal to be issued in Austria since the period of reconstruction, and the editor appeals to his colleagues of the outside world for their help and support in re-establishing the international co-operation in biology that existed previously. Articles will be accepted for publication in English, French, German and Italian ; the editor's address is Wien 111/40 Weissgärberlände 52.

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