U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office: Division of Oceanography


    THE U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office has established a Division of Oceanography to provide for increased responsibilities in oceanography recently assigned to the Office by the Secretary of the Navy. Experience during the War indicated that oceanographic knowledge has now been extended to the limit in its practical application, and new techniques have opened up many possibilities of further fundamental investigations. By expanding its oceanographic work, the U.S. Hydrographic Office will be continuing its tradition of service to the mariner and will afford other agencies facilities for co-ordination of oceanographic observations and research. The Hydrographer intends to maintain a central oceanographic library,-central files of oceanographic data (to be published in a special bulletin), and a bibliographic service, and to provide charts and manuals utilizing the results of the most recent research. In carrying out this work, the Hydrographic Office will not only make use of the services of its own personnel in the newly established Division of Oceanography, but also will give financial support to oceanographic institutions to permit them to expand their facilities for basic research of interest to the U.S. Navy and other Government agencies. In addition to publications of immediate practical use to mariners, the Hydro-grapher proposes to publish a series of technical studies which will be of interest to those working in applied oceanography as well as to personnel at research institutions in the United States and abroad. An advisory committee consisting of representatives of the U.S. Navy and other Government bodies is being formed to advise the Hydrographer concerning oceanographic problems of special interest to those represented, and to assist in co-ordinating government research in the United States in oceanography.

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