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    A PERUTSAL of any of the published journals dealing with chemical and physical researches reveals an increasing number of papers devoted to matters concerning high polymers. Before the War, the tendency was not specially marked, but in the past seven years the growth of the purely academic side of the subject has increased significantly. This high-polymer chemistry might normally be regarded as a branch of classical colloid chemistry ; but it has now outgrown this field and deserves a place of its own in chemical literature. To cater for those who wish to publish and to read recent advances in this relatively new branch of chemistry, a new Journal of Polymer Research has just made its appearance. It is published by Inter-Science Publishers, New York, and edited by P. M. Doty, H. Mark and C. C. Price, who will no doubt ensure that the quality of the papers submitted will reach a high standard. Similar ideas were in the minds of the Elsevier Co. of Amsterdam, and plans had actually been made to issue another journal on polymer science edited by R. Houwink. It is to the credit of both these publishers that they have seen their way to amalgamate the two journals, the editorial boards having joined forces in this international experiment. The subsequent issues will be under the title of Journal of Polymer Science published jointly by Interscience and Elsevier. The first number of the journal contains original papers by Huggins, Mark, K. H. Meyer, C. C. Price and others well qualified to write on matters concerning high polymers. If the standard of the first issue ia maintained, there is little doubt that the journal will become a recognized medium for reporting on advances in high-polymer research.

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    Journal of Polymer Science . Nature 157, 475 (1946) doi:10.1038/157475a0

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