Technical Education in Great Britain


    IN his reply to a lively debate on technical education in the House of Commons on March 22, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Mr. Hardman, stated that the national council for technology which is to be established to co-ordinate the work of the regions and ensure that a comprehensive national view is taken, as soon as the regional councils have been set up, will be expected to determine the question whether the technical colleges should award a diploma or a degree, which was left undecided by the Percy Committee. The Ministry has also in preparation a circular proposing to local education authorities the establishment for the major technical colleges of strong governing bodies representative of industry and of the authorities, and which should possess considerable executive freedom. Discussions are also proceeding with the various industries for the establishment of national colleges ; but Mr. Hardman's announcement that one has recently been established for watch- and clock-making will scarcely be reassuring to a body of opinion- which found admirable expression in the debate- holding that the real function of technical education is the creation of adaptable interest and intelligence and not the mere imparting of mechanical aptitude for any particular process. Mr. Hardman said further that the Ministry, after discussions with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and with the Federation of British Industries, is also seeking to encourage and considerably extend research work in technical colleges, and particularly research work which is directed towards the assistance of local industries.

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