Mme. H. Metzger-Brühl


WE regret to record that the death in the extermination camp at Auschwitz must now be presumed of Madame Hélène Metzger-Brühl, a learned historian of science and treasurer of the Académic Internationale d'histoire des Sciences. Born in 1889 at Chatou (Seine et Oise) she graduated at the Sorbonne, specializing in crystallography and general chemistry. Her husband, Paul Metzger, professor of history at Lyons, as well as her eldest brother, fell in action in the First World War, and her younger brother, Francis, died in 1941. Thus of these gifted brethren the only survivor is M. Adrien Brühl, of the French School of Archæology at Rome.

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SINGER, C. Mme. H. Metzger-Brühl. Nature 157, 472 (1946).

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