IN order to set the wheels of international co-operation in astronomy turning smoothly again after the gap necessarily caused in many cases by the war years, the Executive Committee of the International Astronomical Union recently called together as an advisory body representatives from the United States of America and from a number of European countries. At a meeting which took place during March 7-13, in the rooms of the Danish Academy of Sciences, Copenhagen, the following countries were represented: Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, U.S.A., U.S.S.K. and the Vatican City State. The British representatives were the Astronomer Iloyal, Prof. W. M. H. Greaves and Prof. F. J. M. Stratton. After a welcome from Prof. Elis Stromgren on behalf of the Danish National Committee of Astronomy and from Prof. Niels Bohr on behalf of the Danish Academy, the meeting settled down to business under the presidency of Sir Harold Spencer Jones, with the guidance of the general secretary, Prof. J. H. Oort, director of the Leyden Observatory.

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S., F. INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION. Nature 157, 454–455 (1946) doi:10.1038/157454a0

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