Reactions of Organic Halides in Solution


REACTIONS of organic halides in solution which involve substitution by a nucleophilic reagent at a saturated carbon atom have been extensively studied by Hughes, Ingold and co-workers1. These authors conclude that reactions of this type may occur by two possible mechanisms, a unimolecular mechanism S N 1 or a bimolecular mechanism S N 2 . The increase in the unimolecular S N 1 reaction-rate of the halide RX as R varies along the series methyl, ethyl, sec.-propyl, tert.butyl, is attributed by these authors to the increase in electron accession to the reaction centre2. The decrease in the bimolecular S N 2 reaction-rate along this series3 is also attributed to the increase in electron accession to the reaction centre ; this electron accession is assumed to inhibit the approach of the nucleophilic reagent.

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