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    THE functions of the new Bureau of Current Affairs which has recently been set up by the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust has been outlined in the first of a series of information leaflets which the Bureau proposes to issue. The leaflet contains a brief summary of the policy of the Bureau and a prospectus of the activities which, gradually, it intends to develop. Although the Bureau does not seek to establish discussion groups, it proposes to act as a 'provisioning' body for those that already exist and those new ones which will be developed by various educational and social organisations. Of the services which the Bureau will offer there will be, first, a discussion-brief in pamphlet form called Current Affairs. This will be issued fortnightly and will be similar in size, style and purpose to the Army Bureau of Current Affairs bulletins so long familiar to the Services. The bulk of the twenty-page pamphlet will contain a popular exposition of some selected theme by an accepted authority ; the preamble will be a 'layout for discussion' built up in the editorial office. The bulletin will, moreover, be illustrated in a variety of ways-with line-drawings, for example, which the group-leader could reproduce on his blackboard, or with pictorial devices to illuminate some obscure point in the text. The second publication to be launched in the Bureau's immediate programme is a pictorial one called Map Review. This·, too, will be published once a fortnight and will be produced in poster size and in colour. Its front side will ombody in maps, pictures and diagrams the more significant events in current affairs for the particular fortnight, while its reverse side will carry full-scale maps delineating the major political, social and economic problems of our time. Displayed on the walls of any canteen, library or club, these map-reviews will provide a graphic summary of topical issues. The Bureau will also develop other pictorial media. Current Affairs and Map Review will probably first appear this month.

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