Development of Atomic Energy in Great Britain


    SPEAKING in the House of Commons on March 28 on the motion for the adjournment, Mr. John Wilmot, Minister of Supply and Aircraft Production, emphasized a point which has repeatedly been made by scientific men, namely, that there is no justification for the suggestion that the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes will provide a quick solution of industrial problems. The most probable use will be for the production · of electrical power by big units employing steam or gas turbines. The possibilities of development, however, are immense, and Mr. Wilmot considers that the prospects for Great Britain in this connexion are bright. He admitted that the United States has valuable technical experience of which Britain is not fully informed ; but experience is being gained through development work now proceeding and mainly financed by the Canadian Government. So far as Great Britain is concerned, he said that the Government is determined to push on with research and development with the utmost vigour ; the central planning is in the hands of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, advised by the committee under the chairmanship of Sir John Anderson on atomic energy.

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