FROM the days when prehistoric man first observed the 'fervent' liquor and experienced the aftereffects of a possibly too-potent brew, alcoholic beverages have played an important part in social history. The desire for variety in what we drink manifests itself at an early age, as evinced by the child's preference for coloured and 'fizzy' drinks. As an adult he frequently acquires a taste for a drink which in Britain justifies the term 'national beverage', namely, beer. With social aspects we are not here concerned ; as in a number of other cases, while moderation is harmless and even beneficial, excess is disastrous. None will dispute that the cause of true temperance, ably abetted by H.M. Commissioners of Excise, has made enormous strides.

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NORRIS, F. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF BEER*. Nature 157, 430–432 (1946) doi:10.1038/157430a0

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