Friedel-Crafts Catalysts and Polymerization


A CONFERENCE on "Friedel-Crafts Catalysts and Polymerisation" was held on Saturday, September 15, in the Chemistry Department of the University of Manchester. This Conference was convened by Prof. M. Polanyi, and some hundred and seventy academic' and industrial research workers were present. In welcoming the guests, Prof. Polanyi said that similar meetings on a smaller scale had been held previously at the Universities of Manchester and Leeds, but that this was the first large-scale meeting of its kind, in which the subject under discussion was of such general interest to both academic and industrial research workers. He hoped that further conferences of a similar nature would be held.


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EVANS, A. Friedel-Crafts Catalysts and Polymerization. Nature 156, 638–639 (1945).

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